Monday May 03, 2010
ALL seven Parrys International Wolves riders won at least one race as Midlands rivals Coventry were comfortably beaten on a damp night at Monmore Green.

A downpour just before the meeting and then again in the early stages made conditions tricky, but Wolves adapted well and Fredrik Lindgren romped to a paid maximum.

Coventry kept things close with some early race winners, but the combination of Lindgren and Ty Proctor was especially profitable with three 5-1s as Wolves extended their lead through the middle stages of the meeting.

Skipper Tai Woffinden and Nicolai Klindt blocked Coventry's tactical moves with heat wins as Chris Harris and Rory Schlein went for double points, and Woffinden added another win in Heat 13 with his night starting and ending with falls!

There was also an encouraging display from Ludvig Lindgren at reserve, including a battling second place in the rain in Heat 4 and a welcome race win in his third outing - and in the 15 heats, Wolves ran just three last places.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Fredrik Lindgren 10+2, Ty Proctor 10+2, Joe Screen 8+1, Tai Woffinden 8, Ludvig Lindgren 7+1, Nicolai Klindt 7, Chris Kerr 6.

COVENTRY: Rory Schlein 13, Chris Harris 8, Edward Kennett 7, Ben Barker 4, Josh Auty 3, Aaron Summers 2, Filip Sitera 1.

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