Monday May 17, 2010
WOLVERHAMPTON are still unbeaten at home after an impressive 55-40 win over ambitious Peterborough on Monday.

Swedish superstar Freddie Lindgren, who rearranged his flight back to the UK from Poland because of the ash cloud crisis, jetted to a 13+1 haul from five rides in a solid all-round Parrys International Wolves performance.

But there's some concern over skipper Tai Woffinden who crashed in Heat 15 and has a wrist injury. He clipped the back wheel of Panthers guest Scott Nicholls and landed awkwardly.

When the race eventually re-started, world championship leader Kenneth Bjerre clamed his third win of the night for Panthers, despite Lindgren, who had battled past Nicholls, pushing him all the way, riding borrowed machinery.

It was a solid Wolves performance, with Matthew Wethers impressing on his doubling up debut as a replacement for broken leg victim Chris Kerr with paid nine.

Said Woffinden: "I don't really know how my crash happened but my wrist hurts quite a bit I can tell you.

"I don't think it's broken, if it's not then it's probably ligaments, but I've got some big meetings coming up and I don't want to be missing them!"

WOLVERHAMPTON: Freddie Lindgren 13+1, Nicolai Klindt 10+1, Ty Proctor 8, Matthew Wethers 6+3, Ludvig Lindgren 6+1, Joe Screen 6, Tai Woffinden 6.

PETERBOROUGH: Kenneth Bjerre 17, Scott Nicholls 14, Lewis Bridger 4, Krzysztof Buczkowski 3+1, Ales Dryml 2, Craig Cook 0.

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