Monday June 28, 2010
WOLVERHAMPTON remain on course for the Elite League play-offs after an impressive 56-39 win over Belle Vue at Monmore on Monday.

And it was a night of celebration for the Lindgren brothers, Freddie and Ludvig, who were both unbeaten by an opposing rider.

Freddie went through the card with five straight wins for his 15-point haul and Ludvig, at reserve, notched 10+2 from his four outings.

Parrys International Wolves boss Peter Adams said: "It was a good night for the team and if you had said to me before the meeting that Tai Woffinden would only score 5 and Nicolai Klindt 3 I would have put us down for a defeat.

"I'm pleased for Ludvig, he's improving as a rider and that's all down to his decision to take the plunge in the Elite League this season."

Hans Andersen was the only race winner for a disappointing Belle Vue side and he claimed six-points in Heat 11 as a tactical ride.

Woffinden suffered a heavy fall in heat 4. He caught the pits turn air fence, and was thrown from his machine, landing heavily. He showed his character by coming out and winning his next ride, while Ludvig Lindgren demonstrated his progress, by twice passing Peter Karlsson in the re-run.

Only Andersen, Karlsson and to a lesser extent Hougaard carried any threat for the Aces, while Wolves will be delighted with a solid performance where their riders won no fewer than 13 heats.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Freddie Lindgren 15, Adam Skornicki 11, Ludvig Lindgren 10+2, Ty Proctor 7+2, Matt Wethers 5+1, Tai Woffinden 5, Nicolai Klindt 3+1.

BELLE VUE: Hans Andersen 14+1, Peter Karlsson 9+2, Patrick Hougaard 6, Ulrich Ostergaard 4, Josh Grajczonek 3+1, James Wright 2+2, Leigh Lanham 1+1.

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