Monday May 02, 2011
PETER Karlsson rolled back the years with a stunning six-ride 18-point maximum as Wolverhampton claimed all three Elite League points from a 53-42 win over Lakeside on Monday.

Karksson, 41, has made a successful return to the Parrys International Wolves side after a season out on loan and he inspired his side to a valuable result.

But perhaps the most remarkable performance was that of American newcomer Tyson Burmeister who put personal tragedy to one side by racing in the meeting just hours after learning his father had taken his own life.

It was a hard fought win for Peter Adams’ men with some breathtaking racing providing the fans with some sensational action.
Club owner Chris Van Straaten said: “One can only marvel at the courage of Tyson for what he has been through to ride for us tonight.

“And what can we say about PK? He was just awesome. We also covered for the absence of Tai Woffinden by taking maximum points from his four programmed rides.”

WOLVERHAMPTON 53: Peter Karlsson 18, Freddie Lindgren 14+2, Ty Proctor 9+1, Ludvig Lindgren 8, Tyson Burmiester 2+1, Richard Lawson 2, Tai Woffinden R/R.

LAKESIDE 42: Stuart Robson 17, Adam Shields 7+1, Lee Richardson 7, Kauko Nieminen 4+1, Peter Ljung 4, Robert Mear 2+1, Piotr Swiderski 1+1.

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