Friday May 06, 2011
SWEDISH superstar Freddie Lindgren so nearly inspired patched-up Wolves to snatch a totally unlikely Elite League point at Brandon on Friday.

Lindgren carded a magnificent 20-point haul having seen the team around him, already without Tai Woffinden and Peter Karlsson, further reduced when Karlsson’s stand-in Mads Korneliussen came down heavily on the first bend in Heat 9.

Korneliussen, who had been riding well, was ruled out with cuts to his arm, and Wolves appeared to be in an impossible position.

But with Lindgren dominating and Coventry suddenly striking trouble, the visitors kept within range and caused the home side plenty of anxious moments.

Lindgren was only beaten in Heat 5 when he just managed to split the team-riding Przemyslaw Pawlicki and Ryan Fisher on the line, but when Pawlicki hit the fence whilst trying to pass Lindgren’s younger brother Ludvig in Heat 12, Wolves were just seven points adrift.

Freddie won a thrilling duel with Chris Harris in Heat 13 and Ty Proctor’s win in the penultimate race kept Wolves in the hunt – but although Lindgren again magnificently overhauled Harris to win Heat 15, Proctor was kept at the back by Pawlicki and Wolves were just short of a worthy away point.

COVENTRY: Chris Harris 12, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 9+2, Josh Auty 8+2, Edward Kennett 7+2, Richard Sweetman 7, Ryan Fisher 5+1, Kenni Larsen 2+1.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Fredrik Lindgren 20, Ty Proctor 7, Ludvig Lindgren 5+1, Mads Korneliussen 5, Ricky Wells 3+1, Tyson Burmeister 3, Tai Woffinden r/r.

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