Wednesday June 08, 2011
WOLVERHAMPTON suffered a further injury setback in their defeat at Elite League title favourites Poole on Wednesday.

Parrys International Wolves contained the hosts well in the first half of the meeting, but lost Ludvig Lindgren after a crash in Heat 10, when he was impeded after team-mate Tai Woffinden had already gone down.

Lindgren was taken away for checks on his shoulder and the Pirates came on strong in the closing stages to extend their lead to 20-points.

Wolves had made an excellent start with Ty Proctor winning Heat 1, and they were just two points down after Heat 4 despite a fall for Woffinden in the previous race.

Dennis Andersson’s last-gasp pass on Proctor in Heat 8 for a 5-1 with Renat Gafurov enabled the Pirates to move clear, and they took another maximum in the re-run of Heat 10 with Woffinden disqualified and Lingdren injured.

Lindgren’s elder brother Freddie took a tactical ride in Heat 11 but he was beaten by Darcy Ward and unusually failed to win a race throughout the meeting.

Peter Karlsson’s tactical ride did not result in double points in Heat 13 as he was on the receiving end of a 5-1 from Ward and Chris Holder which ensured the home side would take all three from the meeting.

Karlsson had earlier won two races and Woffinden added a pair of victories himself from an up-and-down night, but the Pirates only ran four last places all evening.

POOLE 56: Darcy Ward 12+1, Davey Watt 10+1, Chris Holder 10, Renat Gafurov 9+2, Dennis Andersson 7+2, Jason Doyle 7+1, Christian Hefenbrock 1.

WOLVES 36: Peter Karlsson 11, Freddie Lindgren 7, Tai Woffinden 6, Ricky Wells 4+1, Ty Proctor 4, Ludvig Lindgren 2, Tyson Burmeister 2.

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