Thursday July 07, 2011
FAST Freddie Lindgren scored a blistering full maximum as Wolverhampton staged a late fightback to grab a point from a tense derby clash at Perry Barr.

Parrys International Wolves came from twelve points down to reduce the deficit to one on the night, enough to add to their Elite League total and gain some revenge for Birmingham pulling off a similar result at Monmore Green on Monday.

Lindgren was immense, equalling the fastest time of the season at the venue in Heat 1 and coming from the back in breathtaking style to pass Ben Barker in Heat 5.

However, two 5-1s to the more solid-scoring home side in Heats 4 and 8 put them ten points up and left Wolves using the tactical ride facility – and when Peter Karlsson went for double, he was thwarted by home skipper Daniel King.

Lindgren’s tactical ride, though, produced the ideal result in Heat 11 as his six-point haul was backed up by Ty Proctor’s second place for a big 8-1, which sparked a frantic trading of maximum advantages between the sides as the Brummies tried to hold on to what they had.

Karlsson re-passed home guest Edward Kennett to partner Lindgren to a 5-1 in Heat 13, but they needed an advantage from the last race to threaten victory on the night – and it could have happened as with Tai Woffinden out-front, Ricky Wells got alongside King in the battle for third only to suffer mechanical failure.

That virtually ensured victory for the Brummies, and Wolves required a shared heat at worst in Heat 15 to take a point – and in the event, they took another 5-1 from the Lindgren/Karlsson combination with Lindgren again displaying spectacular speed as he worked his way to the front.

BIRMINGHAM 48: Daniel King 9+2, Claus Vissing 9+2, Edward Kennett 7, Ulrich Ostergaard 7, Daniel Nermark 7, Ben Barker 6+1, James Wright 3.

WOLVERHAMPTON 47: Fredrik Lindgren 18, Peter Karlsson 11+2, Tai Woffinden 9, Ty Proctor 4+1, Tyson Burmeister 2+1, Ricky Wells 2, Ludvig Lindgren 1+1.

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