Monday July 25, 2011
MAXIMUM man Freddie Lindgren had mixed feelings after Wolverhampton’s Knockout Cup exit at the hands of Eastbourne on Monday.

Parrys International Wolves were held to a 45-45 draw by the high-flying Eagles who had won the first leg by 10-points. The Sussex side notched a 95-85 aggregate win.

Lindgren romped to a full 15-point maximum and had solid support from Peter Karlsson and for a chunk of the meeting it looked like the comeback was on.

But the visitors secured decisive maximums in Heats 12 and 14 to ensure the win on aggregate.

Said Lindgren: “It’s disappointing to go out of the cup and we could have done better but you have to remember Eastbourne are a really strong team.

“From my own point of view I’m delighted with a maximum, I felt really good. You have to be happy with 15-points!”

WOLVERHAMPTON 45: Freddie Lindgren 15, Peter Karlsson 10, Ricky Wells 5, Ludvig Lindgren 4+1, Tyson Burmeister 4+1, Ty Proctor 4, Tai Woffinden 3.

EASTBOURNE 45: Lukas Dryml 11+1, Joonas Kylmakorpi 11+1, Cameron Woodward 8+3, Lewis Bridger 8, Bjarne Pedersen 7+2, Timo Lahti 0, Simon Gustafsson R/R.
Eastbourne won 95-85 on aggregate

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