Thursday August 04, 2011
INJURY-HIT Wolverhampton were unable to cope with Birmingham’s strength in depth as Thursday’s local derby went the home side’s way at Perry Barr.

The Monmore men were well served by guest Davey Watt with three race wins whilst Tai Woffinden turned things around in the closing stages, but unfortunately they were well adrift after a disastrous start to the meeting.

Ty Proctor fell on the first bend of Heat 1 as the Brummies opened up with two 5-1s; then Ben Barker rode superbly to pass Woffinden on the last lap of Heat 3; the next race saw Watt shed a chain in a tight first bend; and then with Woffinden going for double points in Heat 5 he shot out towards the fence when trying to pass Daniel Nermark and was trapped on the inside by Barker for another Birmingham 5-1.

That all added up to a 24-6 lead for the home side which meant it was damage limitation at best, and one of Wolves’ best races came in Heat 8 when Proctor collected maximum points alongside guest reserve Thomas Jorgensen, who did show some signs of promise.

And Watt displayed true commitment to the cause with a spectacular last-to-first effort when he went for double points in Heat 11 to bank the full six by passing both Ulrich Ostergaard and Daniel King.

Watt’s winning run was ended by Krzysztof Kasprzak in Heat 13 but Woffinden took over in the closing stages and twice got the better of Barker in high-speed battles in the last two races, although by that stage the full-strength Brummies already had their three league points in the bag.

BIRMINGHAM 57: Krzysztof Kasprzak 12+1, Ben Barker 11+1, Daniel Nermark 8+1, Claus Vissing 8+1, Ales Dryml 6+3, Ulrich Ostergaard 6+2, Daniel King 6+1.

WOLVERHAMPTON 36: Davey Watt 14, Tai Woffinden 12, Ty Proctor 4, Thomas Jorgensen 3+1, Tyson Burmeister 2, Ricky Wells 1, Fredrik Lindgren r/r.

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