Monday August 29, 2011
TAI Woffinden romped to his first maximum of the season as Wolverhampton edged out Elite League title hopefuls Eastbourne 49-41 in another Monmore thriller on Monday.

Woffinden scored 15 and Swedish Grand Prix star Freddie Lindgren was paid for the lot with 14+1 from his five rides.

It was a close scoreline throughout and a maximum from Lindgren and skipper Peter Karlsson in Heat 13 set up the victory charge for the Parrys International Wolves.

Woffinden won the penultimate race and then partnered Lindgren for a maximum in the last to claim all three points.

Boss Peter Adams said: “The best time to go eight points up I guess is when they can’t come back at you, so Heat 15 was perfect!

“I’m very pleased and the priority now is to ensure we keep a proud record at home which has seen us lose only one league meeting in three years. We have to beat Birmingham and Belle Vue in the next two weeks to ensure that happens.”

WOLVERHAMPTON: Tai Woffinden 15, Freddie Lindgren 14+1, Peter Karlsson 9+1, Ty Proctor 7+2, Ricky Wells 2+1, James Grieves 2 Lubos Tomicek 0.

EASTBOURNE: Cameron Woodward 9+2, Lewis Bridger 9+1, Simon Gustafsson 8+2, Bjarne Pedersen 5+1, Timo Lahti 5+1, Joonas Kylmakorpi 5+1, Lukas Dryml R/R.

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