Saturday September 03, 2011
WOLVERHAMPTON found play-off chasing Eastbourne in rampant form at Arlington on Saturday.

Parrys International Wolves went down to a 34-point defeat as the home side dominated, and the Monmore men also picked up an injury concern with Ty Proctor being withdrawn.

Proctor was involved in a heavy first-bend pile-up with Bjarne Pedersen and team-mate Freddie Lindgren in Heat 1, and having taken the re-run and his second outing, he had to give best to a leg injury.

The solid home side did not run a single last place with Wolves' successes limited to Tai Woffinden thanks to a fine first bend in Heat 7, and Peter Karlsson's tactical ride win two races later.

Lindgren had earlier been relegated to third place by Simon Gustafsson and Lewis Bridger when he went for double in Heat 5, although his battle for second place with Joonas Kylmakorpi in Heat 13 was clearly the race of the meeting, the Swede eventually splitting the home riders.

Wolves' night was summed up when both of their riders were disqualified from Heat 12 for exceeding the time allowance - Joe Haines having arrived at the start with the wrong helmet colour - and with Haines sent back off the 15 metre handicap, he fell on the pits turn and was then disqualified for being lapped.

Maximum heat wins in the last two races took the Eagles through the 60-point barrier, whilst Wolves will hope for better in Monday's big local derby at home to Birmingham.

EASTBOURNE 63: Cameron Woodward 14+1, Bjarne Pedersen 13, Simon Gustafsson 10+2, Joonas Kylmakorpi 10+2, Lewis Bridger 10+1, Timo Lahti 6+1, Lukas Dryml r/r.

WOLVES 29: Peter Karlsson 11, Tai Woffinden 8, Fredrik Lindgren 7, Joe Haines 2, Henning Bager 1, Ty Proctor 0, James Grieves r/r.

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