Friday October 21, 2011
WOLVERHAMPTON will look to hit back against Coventry at Monmore Green on Monday after going down to a 19-point defeat in Friday’s first leg of the Midland Bowl.

Parrys International Wolves were limited to just three race wins at Brandon as the home side proved sharper from the starts, particularly in the first half of the meeting.

Two of the Wolves victories came from skipper Peter Karlsson, who brought his side back into contention with a tactical ride win in Heat 9 as the visitors carded a 7-2, only for Coventry to regain the initiative with a series of 4-2s.

The other success was from Ty Proctor, who had an up-and-down evening but did produce one of the rides of the night to surge inside his former team-mate Nicolai Klindt, who was guesting for Coventry, going into the second lap of Heat 3.

Wolves’ top two of Karlsson and Fredrik Lindgren had some fine battles with Chris Harris, but Lindgren was unable to take a race win, although Adam Skornicki picked up pace after a quiet opening and finished with two second places.

The home side had the better of things in the lower order, strengthened by the inclusion of Stuart Robson at reserve who gave a stunning display, and it leaves Wolves looking to make a big comeback in the second leg.

COVENTRY 57: Chris Harris 14+1, Stuart Robson 13+1, Rory Schlein 10, Nicolai Klindt 8+1, Aaron Summers 6+1, Ryan Fisher 6+1, Przemek Pawlicki R/R.

WOLVERHAMPTON 38: Peter Karlsson 14, Fredrik Lindgren 12+1, Adam Skornicki 5+1, Ty Proctor 5, Mikkel Salomonsen 1, Ludvig Lindgren 1, Tai Woffinden R/R.

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