Monday October 24, 2011
WOLVERHAMPTON’S season came to an end with defeat at the hands of a strong Coventry side in the Midland Bowl at Monmore Green.

Parrys International Wolves were keen to finish off with a win at home, but with Tai Woffinden – although present at the meeting – still ruled out of racing due to illness and Adam Skornicki having a problematic meeting, the home side were unable to match the Bees’ all-round strength.

There was still some fine action to entertain the large crowd, especially with the battles between Wolves big guns Freddie Lindgren and Peter Karlsson, and their Coventry counterparts Chris Harris and Rory Schlein.

Wolves trailed by eight points early on, before fighting back into contention thanks to a 5-1 from Ty Proctor and Ricky Wells in Heat 8, and they remained in touch until the closing stages of the meeting.

Coventry, though, finished strongly with successive 5-1s in Heats 12, 13 and 14 to secure victory, although the final race was arguably the best of the night.

Lindgren and Karlsson hit the front from the gate and were so close to a consolation 5-1, only for a thrusting Harris to split the pairing on the run to the line, with Lindgren hanging on for his third win of the night.

WOLVES 38: Freddie Lindgren 12, Peter Karlsson 12, Ty Proctor 7+1, Ricky Wells 5+2, Ludvig Lindgren 2, Adam Skornicki 0, Tai Woffinden R/R.

COVENTRY 52: Chris Harris 12+1, Rory Schlein 11, Nicolai Klindt 7+1, Nick Morris 7, Ryan Fisher 6+2, Aaron Summers 6+2, Stuart Robson 3+1.

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