Monday August 20, 2012
WOLVERHAMPTON put a severe dent in Birmingham’s play-off hopes with an impressive 53-40 derby win at Monmore on Monday.

It was a perfect way to bounce back after the disappointment of Saturday’s heavy defeat at Eastbourne.

Swedish star Freddie Lindgren was in unstoppable form with 14+1 and Tai Woffinden enjoyed a string of heat wins in his 12+1 haul.

Ricky Wells was again excellent in the middle order - and with Ty Proctor and Nicolai Klindt both scoring solidly, Wolves had a powerful main body leading them to victory.

Lindgren said: "It is really great to bounce back from a terrible night down at Eastbourne like that.

"I definitely feel like I am more comfortable on the bike and I am a lot more confident again in Britain which is very good.”

WOLVERHAMPTON 53: Freddie Lindgren 14+1, Tai Woffinden 12+1, Ricky Wells 9, Nicolai Klindt 6+1, Ty Proctor 6, Jacob Thorssell 3+1, Pontus Aspgren 3,

BIRMINGHAM 40: Josh Auty 9, Ben Barker 8+1, Danny King 7+1, Bjarne Pedersen 4+1, Sebastian Ulamek 4+1, Martin Smolinski 4+1, Nicolas Covatti 4.


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