Monday September 03, 2012
WOLVERHAMPTON pulled off a stunning last gasp 47-43 Elite League win over Lakeside on a thrilling night of speedway at Monmore Green.

Parrys International Wolves were staring defeat in the face with three heats remaining as they were eight-points down – but they were brilliant in the latter stages and the Essex side had to settle for a consolation point.

But Tai Woffinden and Freddie Lindgren sprung them into action with a Heat 13 maximum before Pontus Aspgren sensationally nipped past Justin Sedgmen to take second behind Ricky Wells in the penultimate race of the night.

That surprise result put Wolves back on level terms before the ever dependable Woffinden / Lindgren duo sealed the deal with their 3rd decisive 5-1 in the as many meetings.

Woffinden made a seamless transition to the No.1 race jacket to score 13+1 whilst Fredrik Lindgren bagged yet another Monmore Green maximum despite making the switch to No.5.

Boss Peter Adams said: "I am pleased that we have won but we shouldn't have been in that position.

"From the position we were in with three races to go it was a fantastic result but having said that I am a purist and I am disappointed to have dropped a point.”

WOLVERHAMPTON 47: Freddie Lindgren 14+1, Tai Woffinden 13+1, Ricky Wells 8, Ty Proctor 5+2, Pontus Aspgren 5+2, Jacob Thorssell 2, Nicolai Klindt 0.

LAKESIDE 43: Peter Karlsson 12+1, Justin Sedgmen 8+1, Kim Nilsson 8+1, Stuart Robson 7+2, Davey Watt 7, Robert Mear 1, Jonas Davidsson R/R.

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