Wednesday July 10, 2013
PATCHED-UP Wolverhampton took an unlikely Elite League point from Wimborne Road after suffering a 46-44 defeat against Poole.

With four of their usual side missing, Parrys International Wolves put in a gutsy display, only missing out on victory under controversial circumstances.

Chasing a 5-1 to win the meeting, Adam Skornicki and Tai Woffinden looked on course to be the last heat heroes before an innocuous looking fall for Darcy Ward, who was coming from a 15-metre handicap after touching the tapes, caused the race to be stopped.

Ward was disqualified but Pirates guest Troy Batchelor then duly took victory in the rerun to leave Wolves wondering what could have been.

Yet stand-in skipper Tai Woffinden was pleased with the result - whilst he has reassured supporters over his fitness after finishing Heat 15 in serious discomfort.

He said: "I'm pleased with the result although I'm not pleased with my own performance. We still got a point out of it and that is definitely a positive result.

"I just jarred my shoulder in the last heat, I did the same at Wolves on Monday. It hurts a lot at the time but it should be fine in the morning."

Polish ace Skornicki top scored for the visitors with a typically determined display against his former club - yet British youngster Ashley Birks was arguably the star with a tremendous guest performance at reserve.

Ricky Wells enjoyed a solid night, running no last places on his way to seven vital points - whilst Edward Kennett also made a useful contribution despite a frustrating evening whilst guesting at No.1, including a fall in his second ride.

POOLE 46: Troy Batchelor 13, Darcy Ward 12, Maciej Janowski 11, Rohan Tungate 7+1, Josh Grajczonek 2+1, Micky Dyer 1, Tomas H Jonasson R/R.

WOLVERHAMPTON 44: Adam Skornicki 12, Ashley Birks 10+3, Tai Woffinden 9+1, Ricky Wells 7+1, Edward Kennett 4+1, Jozsef Tabaka 2, Ty Proctor R/R.

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