Wednesday August 07, 2013
WOLVERHAMPTON owner Chris Van Straaten was offering no excuses for his play-off chasing side after seeing them thumped 57-33 by neighbours and rivals Birmingham at Perry Barr on Wednesday.

Big-hitters Tai Woffinden (12) and Freddie Lindgren (9+2) scored two maximum 5-1 wins but they could do nothing to prevent a Brummies onslaught in front of a big crowd and the Sky cameras.

And both were beaten when on double points on a tactical ride as manager Peter Adams tried desperately to keep his side in contention.

A disappointed Van Straaten said: “It was an extremely disappointing night - we just didn't get out the start and when we did we didn't seem to be on the right part of the track.

“It's a bad result - particularly for the large group of travelling fans and the tradition of the club - but we'll take it on the chin as long as we've learnt something from it which is the important thing.”

Adam Skornicki also put in a solid showing despite not taking a race win, but there was little or no support with Ricky Wells, Ludvig Lindgren and Jacob Thorssell all struggling.

Now they will be looking to bounce back at Coventry on Friday before going on a revenge mission against the Brummies on Monday at Monmore.

BIRMINGHAM: Ben Barker 12+1, Danny King 10+2, Jason Doyle 10, Martin Smolinski 10, Josh Auty 6+2, Nicolai Klindt 6+1, Davey Watt 3+2.
WOLVERHAMPTON: Tai Woffinden 12, Freddie Lindgren 9+2, Adam Skornicki 9, Ricky Wells 2+1, Ludvig Lindgren 1, Jacob Thorssell 0, Ty Proctor R/R.

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