Monday August 04, 2014
PARRYS International Wolves experienced a night to forget as they slipped to a 59-36 defeat against Poole at Monmore Green.

The powerhouse Pirates put in an impressive display to condemn Wolves to their sixth defeat in seven meetings on a tough evening.

The hosts provided only two race winners - and although both of them came as Piotr Pawlicki and Jacob Thorssell took tactical rides they could not prevent a comprehensive loss.

With club legend Peter Karlsson experiencing a tough return, Lasse Bjerre enduring a debut to forget and Tai Woffinden struggling from the No.1 spot Wolves were well beaten by a Poole side in inspired form.

Promoter Chris Van Straaten admitted it was another hugely disappointing night as their frustrating season continues.

Said Van Straaten: "Sometimes it's not your year and you just have to accept that.

"The bad luck we had tonight at the start of the meeting caught up with us, but Poole were in magnificent form.

"Even without our bad luck I think we would have struggled to match them to be honest, they were just an awesome team tonight. They gated a lot faster than us and were just a better side.

"That's the story of it really - we had some bad luck early on which put us out of contention but you can't have only two race winners at home."

WOLVERHAMPTON 36: Piotr Pawlicki 14, Jacob Thorssell 7, Tai Woffinden 4+1, Joe Jacobs 3+1, Tom Perry 3+1, Lasse Bjerre 3, Peter Karlsson 2+1.

POOLE 59: Kyle Newman 13+1, Darcy Ward 13, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 9, Josh Grajczonek 8+1, Vaclav Milik 7+3, Maciej Janowski 7+1, Brendan Johnson 2+1.

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