Sunday March 19, 2017
WOLVERHAMPTON legend Peter Karlsson claimed one final rostrum place at his farewell meeting on Sunday.

The 47-year-old came out on top with fellow Swede Freddie Lindgren, with help from reserve Kyle Howarth, as they raced to victory in front of a bumper crowd.

Karlsson was delighted with how the event went and admitted he was overwhelmed by the reception he received.

"I'm so happy that everything went to plan today and it was a great occasion," said Karlsson.

"It was a super turnout and I can't thank everybody enough for coming to support my meeting.

"There was some great racing and the boys all gave it everything they'd got.

"I sat out a couple of my rides but it was really nice that me and Freddie were able to finish in top spot.

"This has been a day I'll never forget and I'd just like to thank everyone once again."

1 WOLVES LEGENDS 35: Fredrik Lindgren 22, Peter Karlsson 7, Kyle Howarth 6, Max Clegg 0.
2 MONMORE NICE GUYS 31: Niels-Kristian Iversen 21, Adam Skornicki 8, Kyle Howarth 2.
3 BMR ROCKETS 30: Scott Nicholls 15, Chris Harris 15.
4 DANISH PIRATES 29: Hans Andersen 18, Nicolai Klindt 11.
5 PK STARS 24: Sam Masters 19, David Howe 5.
6 SWEDISH WOLVES 21: Jacob Thorssell 17, Magnus Karlsson 2, Kyle Howarth 2.
7 US YOUNG GUNS 19: Ricky Wells 19, Broc Nicol 0.


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