Monday November 27, 2017
MAIN team sponsors Parrys International are on board with Wolves again for the 2018 campaign.

It’s the 18th successive year that the luxury coach tours firm has put its name to the Monmore Green outfit.

The news was revealed to fans tonight (Monday) by club owner Chris Van Straaten during a talk-in at the Cleveland Arms in Stow Heath Lane, Wolverhampton.

And Dave Parry is set to go the extra mile by declaring his aim to continue backing the black and gold for at least the next five years.

The Parrys boss, himself a former Wolves rider, captain and team manager, had been thinking about selling up. But he said: “At the moment we’re planning for at least another five years.

“You can’t plan to sell the business in this climate. I want to do at least another five years – and that will be sponsorship for another five years.

“Wherever we go now, in our league particularly, every fan knows it’s the Parrys International Wolves. The name is there, so it’s achieved its goal.

“I’m a Wolverhampton fan and critic – and I do criticise. I like to put my two-penn’orth in at times. I do have input. I do get in touch with Chris if there’s something I’m not happy with, but I don’t stamp my feet and say I won’t sponsor next year.

“Over the years, we’ve put a lot of money in. We’re well over half a million we’ve paid out. So therefore it’s nice to be appreciated that we do have a say.”

Van Straaten said: “It’s good that we continue to set records in the history of the speedway club. Not only are we the longest running promotion in British speedway, but we have the longest running team sponsorship – now going into its 18th year.

“It takes a lot of pressure off running a speedway club when you have a substantial sponsor.

“It helps if there’s some sort of connection with the team and Dave played an important role in Wolves’ history.

“It’s a good two-way thing. Quite a few of our fans take advantage of his excellent trips, as I have myself.

“He’s very passionate about the sport. He likes to win – and he soon rings me if he doesn’t like something!

“It’s a long-running relationship. Long may it continue.”

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