Wednesday December 06, 2017
RORY Schlein is back with Wolverhampton next year - after passing the management’s own X-Factor!

Club bosses have admitted they weren’t sure about signing the Aussie when they decided to make team changes last season.

But he came in and did a fine job for Parrys International Wolves as they reached the Grand Final.

Club owner Chris Van Straaten said: “Rory is an outspoken character and his reputation as such had spread throughout the sport.

“That’s the reason why we were reluctant to sign him and, perhaps, the reason why we passed by the chance to sign him at the start of last season.

“But we decided to give it a go and after a successful time working with him I can honestly say it’s a ‘yes’ from me to working with him next season again!

“He’s a quality performer, he also became very solid with the Wolverhampton supporters and we are pleased to welcome him back to the club.”

Schlein joins Kyle Howarth and Sam Masters as confirmed starters for next season with the club still waiting to make a move over which one of Freddie Lindgren or Jacob Thorssell to retain at the top end.

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