Wednesday April 25, 2018
WOLVERHAMPTON let a handy lead slip but still claimed a point in a tense Premiership battle in Hertfordshire.

Early signs were promising but this was the first full home outing for the Rockets after an aborted take-off a fortnight ago.

Parrys International Wolves started with a perfect 5-1 from Jacob Thorssell and Kyle Howarth ahead of former Grand Prix ace Chris Harris - and they never looked back.

And two races later skipper Rory Schlein continued his brilliant form with a stunning pass on Nikolaj Busk Jacobsen after the Rockets racer made a quick start.

The Monmore men were on a 5-1 maximum in the next with Aussie ace Sam Masters making the start and Ash Morris tucked in behind - only for British icon Scott Nicholls to split them.

Masters made a great start in Heat 6 before Harris made a clever move to cut inside on the second turn to hand Rockets a 4-2 and leave Wolves 21-15 up.

Rye House hit back with a maximum from Jacobsen and Scott Nicholls in the next to slash the deficit to two-points.

But Howarth bounced back for Wolves with an important Heat 8 win and with Morris edging out ex-Wolves and Cradley pal Max Clegg the lead was restored to four.

Rye House pulled level again before skipper Schlein pulled off a majestic move to pass Arron Summers and Harris in Heat 10 to make it 30-30.

And the home side went ahead for the first time two races later with former World No.2 Krzystof Kasprzak teaming up with Jacobsen for a 5-1 and Wolves were 38-34 down.

It was the turning point. Despite some late resistance, Rockets were able to see the job through.

Wolves needed a 4-2 to draw in the last but Kasprzak and Nicholls teamed up for a maximum.

It was, however, some consolation that Pete Adams and his side travelled home with a point for losing by six-points or less away.

RYE HOUSE 48: Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen 14+1, Krzysztof Kasprzak 12+1, Scott Nicholls 9+3, Aaron Summers 7+1, Chris Harris 6+2, Max Clegg 0, Edward Kennett r/r.

WOLVERHAMPTON 42: Jacob Thorssell 10, Rory Schlein 10, Kyle Howarth 8+1, Sam Masters 6, Ashley Morris 4+1, Cameron Heeps 2, Nathan Greaves 2.

POST-MATCH REACTION to come on Thursday.

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