Wednesday May 09, 2018
RESA FINAL-heat zero in the qualifiers proved costly as Wolverhampton’s Jacob Thorssell exited in the semi-final of the Premiership Riders’ Championship.

The Parrys International Wolves number one had packed a punch at Poole, holding off the swarming Nick Morris to win heat six following a two-point haul in his opener.

Winner Jason Doyle and runner-up Troy Batchelor, the dominant pair in qualifying, scampered away with heat 11 but Thorssell bounced back to get the better of Charles Wright after a nip-and-tuck start to the 13th.

The Swede got relegated to the back by Leicester’s Kyle Newman late in heat 20 but two wins and a total of nine was enough to edge into the top six on countback ahead of Belle Vue’s Max Fricke.

Thorssell’s night was soon over, though, with Brady Kurtz and Hans Andersen taking advantage of favourable gate positions to comfortably qualify for a final won by Somerset's Doyle from the gate.

Sam Masters made a blistering start, seeing off world champion Doyle in his opener but his two chequered flags counted for nothing due to a last place and two retirements.

Final: Doyle, Batchelor, Andersen, Kurtz, 61.06.
Semi-final: Kurtz, Andersen, Thorssell, Harris, 60.87.
Qualifying heats: Doyle 13, Batchelor 13, Kurtz 11, Andersen 10, Harris 9, Thorssell 9, Fricke 9, Proctor 7, Morris 7, Wright 7, Masters 6, Iversen 6, Ellis 5, Grajczonek 4, Newman 3, Nicholls 1.

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