Tuesday July 31, 2018
The following lucky youngsters have been selected to be Mascots at this Monday's August 6 meeting v Leicester

Nate Gu,y Age 8, Wolverhampton
Ryan Cumming, Age 9, Shrewsbury
Kaitlin Fieldhouse, Age 13, Wolverhampton
Alyssia Mannion, Age 8, Bloxwich
Nieve Davies, Age 9, Wolverhampton
Ryan Davies, Age 7, Wolverhampton
McCorley Millett, Age 8, Tunstall
Samuel Clarke, Age 9, Wolverhampton
Dillon Durkin, Age 14, Stafford
Dakota Durkin, Age 3, Stafford
Oliver Marshall-Adams, Age 7, Berlin
Lucy Turner- Chalmers, Age 15, Canterbury
Maddison - Lea Gregg, Age 9, Bilston
Caitlin Gregg, Age 7, Bilston

Please call at Speedway Office around 7.00pm

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