Saturday June 29, 2019
WOLVERHAMPTON and Kyle Howarth should know by Tuesday the outcome of a sample taken at a drugs test prior to his planned guest appearance for Edinburgh on Friday.

It is our understanding that an issue arose in relation to medication that Kyle has been taking whilst recovering from recent injuries and illness.

As a consequence, the failed drugs test ruled him out of the meeting.

We understand the medication Kyle has been using is Night Nurse, which is readily available over the counter for general use.

However, Wolverhampton Speedway do take the matter seriously, and the sample is now at a laboratory for further analysis, the result of which should be known on Tuesday.

We are confident this analysis will show traces of Night Nurse only and no other issues, and that Kyle will be cleared to resume racing.

Promoter Chris Van Straaten said: “Whilst we take the matter very seriously, anybody who has seen Kyle ride recently will know whatever he has been taking cannot have been performance-enhancing!”

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