Thursday July 18, 2019
WOLVERHAMPTON boss Peter Adams acknowledged a lack of race winners was his side’s major downfall as they were beaten at Swindon.

Parrys International Wolves saw their three match unbeaten streak come to an end as they went down 52-38 in Wiltshire.

The Monmore men restricted the hosts to just a four point lead early doors, despite talented reserve Luke Becker being the only race winner for the visitors in the opening six heats.

And while Swindon continued to dominate the race winners tally up to heat ten, Wolves found themselves suddenly unable to cling on to the minor places.

They were 37-23 down at the break as the Robins looked in total control.

But Wolves revived hope with back-to-back maximums in Heats 11 and 12 as skipper Rory Schlein rode home with Ryan Douglas and then Becker as a tactical substitution to move back to within six.

But as Swindon’s No.1 Doyle twitched at the start of Heat 13, Schlein followed suit but found himself thrown out the race for touching the tapes.

“Doyle knew what he was doing by conning Rory onto the tapes,” Adams said.

“It’s an age old trick, it’s very easy for riders to fall for and sadly Rory did just that.

“It was a big ask asking him to do three on the trot round a track this kind of size but he was up for it and at that point we had the momentum.

“But that exclusion came along and that more-or-less ended the challenge realistically I think.

“We didn’t have enough race winners though and that’s the bottom line overall.

“We’ve got people in this team who should be doing far better than they are and until they do start doing better, results are always going to be like this I’m afraid.

“The responsibility is with the team that we’ve got and they’ve got to step up to the plate.

“I fully expect them to do that as well because the riders are hurting again tonight; we came here looking for a win but as I say, when you’ve got some of your best riders barely into single figures then of course it’s difficult.”

Wolves are back at home on Monday (July 22, 7.30) when they host Peterborough at Monmore.

SWINDON 52: Troy Batchelor 13+3, Rasmus Jensen 12, Jason Doyle 11+1, Tobiasz Musielak 7, Ellis Perks 6+1, Claus Vissing 3+1, Adam Ellis R/R.
WOLVERHAMPTON 38: Rory Schlein 9, Luke Becker 8+2, Ryan Douglas 6+2, Sam Masters 5+2, Nick Morris 5, Kyle Howarth 3, Jacob Thorssell 2.

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