Monday August 02, 2021
WOLVERHAMPTON edged out a gutsy Peterborough side 47-43 in a Monmore Green thriller.

It was another solid all-round display by Peter Adams’ men but Peterborough, the most experienced team in the league, kept chipping away and made them work hard.

Sam Masters continued his fine run of form but the visitors had a trump card in former Grand Prix star Hans Andersen.

Andersen has ridden the Wolves track many times down the years and freely admits he enjoys it – and clearly many of his colleagues felt the same.

Wolverhampton boss Peter Adams said: “We knew it be a tough meeting tonight. Peterborough are well in the running for the title as they hadn’t lost away all season but we had just about enough strength for them in the end.

“It was touch and go with them having such a strong reserve like Hans Andersen.”

Parrys International Wolves took an early advantage in Heat 2 with Ryan Douglas and Leon Flint securing a 4-2.

They kept that advantage until Heat 4 when Andersen and Chris Harris, who loves the Monmore track, got the Panthers first 4-2 heat advantage to bring the scores level 12-12.

The home side then hit back with back-to-back heat advantages to put them six points up. Luke Becker and Nick Morris secured a 4-2 in Heat 5.

And then in Heat 6 Sam Masters and Broc Nicol secured a 5-1 over Harris and Jordan Palin.

Brave Peterborough cut the deficit to two points with two heat advantages of their own in Heats 7 and 8.

First Danish duo Bjarne Pedersen and Michael Palm Toft got 4-2 and then Andersen and Scott Nicholls looked set for a 5-1 in the next race until reserve replacement Ryan Douglas managed to pass Nicholls for second.

Wolves began to pull away with two heat advantages on the trot in Heats 10 and 11 putting them eight points up – but still they couldn’t relax.

Masters and Bjarne Pedersen were involved in the race of the night in Heat 10, passing and re-passing each other while Nicol rode the boards to secure third place.

The visitors weren’t finished, though, as Andersen secured back-to-back wins in Heats 12 and 13 with a 4-2 and 5-1 to put them with two of the hosts with two to go.

Wolves proved their strength in the penultimate Heat with a 5-1 to secure the victory but the Panthers secured 4-2 in the final race to secure a deserved point.
It was another brilliant night of racing with a good crowd including many families enjoying the action during the school holidays in the region.

King’s Lynn visit Monmore next Monday before a run of away fixtures which could prove decisive in the final league placings.

Wolverhampton 47: Sam Masters 11, Ryan Douglas 10+1, Luke Becker 9+1, Rory Schlein 8, Nick Morris 5+2, Broc Nicol 3+1, Leon Flint 1.

Peterborough 43: Hans Andersen 15, Michael Palm Toft 10, Chris Harris 9+2, Scott Nicholls 5, Bjarne Pedersen 4, Jordan Palin 0, Ulrich Østergaard R/R.


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