Thursday December 09, 2021
POPULAR Australian racer Sam Masters is on his way back to Wolverhampton for next season.

Masters, a league winner in his first season with the Monmore club in 2016, agreed terms before heading back to Australia for the next four months.

He joins new signing Drew Kemp along with two more members of the 2021 side, Leon Flint and Ryan Douglas.

“I’m really excited to be back at Wolves,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to ride for another club in the Premiership, I love the club fans and track there.

“We agreed terms pretty quickly and I can’t wait to have another go at winning the league.

“Everything about the place is so professional. The management treat you good and the fans always get behind the riders.

“It’s another place that’s like home to us now and we are settled in the area so I can’t see any reason to leave.

“I had a good season personally and would like to build on that next season and hopefully help the club win the league again.”

Meanwhile, club owner Chris Van Straaten will be at Monmore Green Stadium this Saturday (December 11) for the sale of advance ticket books for 2022.

He will be on hand between 10am-2pm and believes many fans will take up the opportunity. Application forms are available to download from the club website, but printed versions will be available on the day.

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