Friday March 18, 2022
We were sorry to hear of the recent death of former Wolves rider Dave Hemus, at the age of 83.

Dave was a former cycle speedway rider who was started riding at Rye House. Wolves promoter Bill Bridgett signed him to the club for £25.00 in September 1962. He was soon good enough to get into the team and he became an integral part of the Wolverhampton side who won the Provincial League in 1963.

Dave was one of speedway's brightest prospects, but in mid-1964 he suffered a compound fracture of his left leg in an horrific crash at Exeter. It kept him out of the saddle for 18 months. He returned to Monmore Green in 1966 and spent three more seasons at the club. He then moved to Belle Vue, where he helped the Aces to back-to-back British League titles. After a season at Exeter, Dave returned to Belle Vue but retired in 1973. He emigrated to Rhodesia shortly afterward.

During his time at Monmore Green, Dave made 134 official appearances and is 39th in our list of overall scorers. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

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